Christyna is a designer and art director specializing in brand, digital, architecture and experiences. Beyond design, Christyna is empowered through opportunities to uplift the voices of her community in art and design spaces.

Rest: Beyond the Pin
Spatial Design

Havens: Invest in Rest, an online and offline destination explores the relationship between mental health and rest. Inspired by the rounded rectangle shape of a Pinterest “Pin,” people in this space were encouraged to stop scrolling through the Pinterest mobile app and simply rest. To capture the essence of our imagination beyond the digital world, we created a resting oasis located in the heart of Chicago. 

Pinterest Black History Month Campaign
Creative Direction (Design)

Traveling as a Black person may not always feel safe or welcoming in many places, but there are still pockets of seemingly undiscovered Black culture all over the world. As Pinterest’s first Black History Campaign, ‘Find your routes’ connects the past, present and future of Black travel. Our team did this by tapping into the historical Negro Motorist Green Book through our visual identity, while telling the story of the Black travel experience from the voice of our elders- inspiring our next destination.

Pinterest Set Design
Art Direction (Set Design)

The Pinterest Executive Social team developed a campaign featuring Pinterest executives, Andrea Mallard (CMO), Bill Ready (CEO) and Malik Ducard (CCO). In each video spot, the individual executives selected their favorite Pinterest trend and explained why it’s their favorite. The set was designed to capture the layers of inspiration behind Pinterest Trends. Each individual set was then customized to reflect the personality of our executives.

Architecture Models
Design/ Build

Through spatial integrity and a little bit of chaos, architecture bass wood models have a beautiful way of capturing space and inspiring conversation. These models have tell a rich story of my experience as an architectural designer, while continuing to inspire the work I do across disciplines. 

Art Exhibition– “Something I Can Feel”
Exhibition Design

Something I Can Feel is an annual art exhibition curated by local Chicago artist, Dwight White. This experience is designed to use art, light and music as a tool to bring community together, while uplifting the voices of local artists. 

Saben Lee Brand Identity
Brand Design

Saben Lee is a professional basketball player formerly for the Detroit Pistons of the National Basketball Association. Saben’s goals to expand his personal brand to business ventures, mean’t creating a strong brand identity that could be translated across his interests.

University of Puerto Rico Mayagüez (UPRM) Student Housing Proposal
Architectural Design/ Urban Planning

As a massive houring shortage has impacted Mayagüez and surrounding areas, the University of Puerto Rico sought to find a solution. As my thesis, I propsed a housing development that would provide a uniuqe opportunity to interconnect the living experience of UPRM students, tourists and visitors, current Mayagüez residents, and incoming families.